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NHS number is a requirement when referring samples for NHS patients to us. Please indicate this on the request form. 


To send a sample to the Metabolic laboratory:



Metabolic Laboratory

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Sample requirements


All plasma, urine, and faecal samples should be sent frozen.  Guthrie cards can be sent via first class post.  All samples sent need to comply with PI 650 for Catagory B substances when sent via courier and Royal Mail. 


For full details on sample requirements and shipping requirements for individual tests please refer to our  External Users Guide.


For Busulfan enquiries and booking email:


All data sent to use is managed and protected by the Laboratory Systems Managers and Trust Policies


Sending Samples



Samples sent by Royal Mail or courier must comply with PI 650 for category B substances. 


  • This is a triple layer system that comprises a primary leak-proof receptacle within a secondary leak-proof receptacle contained in a rigid outer package. The packaging should be strong enough to withstand a 95 kPA pressure differential and a drop of 1.2 m


  • There should be sufficient absorbent material between the primary and secondary packaging to absorb any spillage. The primary container and absorbent material must be placed into a single bag with the request form in the pouch


  • The package should be clearly labelled 'diagnostic specimen UN3373'.



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