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Visit the nQuire Results Portal (login required)


nQuire is a browser based Portal for the review of results, reports and other patient data stored in the nQuire repository.  It provides:


•   an external, secure review of results by Health Care Providers (HCPs)

•   access is granted by registration and creation of a user account on nQuire

•   secure access to allow HCPs to review their results or the results of their practice (multiple HCP practices) as part of registration and security set-up


Once logged in to nQuire, episodes are automatically identified for the Health Care Provider (HCP) and any associated practice partners. Episodes are displayed in reverse Date order putting the most recent tests at the top of the list. It is possible to select an episode from the list or filter the episode list by Patient Name or National Identifier (IHI). Selecting an episode for review will display the associated results / report.


Episodes not viewed by the HCP are displayed on a separate New Results tab, displayed by default when logging into the nQuire screen.


Registering to the nQuire Results Portal

In order to gain access to the results portal, please complete the nQuire Application Form


Please note this form can be completed electronically. Once completed, please ensure you save the PDF form and send by email to


User Guide and Enquiries 

Download the nQuire User guide


For enquiries, please contact:


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